Samsung’s 1 TB Platters Hints at 4 TB Hard Drives

Samsung has successfully crammed 1 TB of storage on a single hard drive platter, which could result in desktop drives reaching 4 TB of storage at a maximum per drive, up from the 3 TB capacity on today’s model.

Current hard drives sport a maximum of 750 GB per platter, which yields 3 TB of storage with a 4-platter drive. With 4 platters of 1 TB each, Samsung could deliver a 3.5-inch desktop drive increasing storage capacities. The pricing and release date of a 4 TB drive is not yet disclosed.

On notebooks, Samsung is also showing off 1 TB hard drives in the 2.5-inch form factor that will be standard height. Current 1 TB 2.5-inch notebook hard drives are a little bit thicker than standard drives under the 1 TB capacity, meaning that those drives cannot fit in a majority of laptops that are slimmer or don’t have the thickness to accommodate the thicker drive. The 1 TB harddrive for notebooks would utilize 2 platters and should be about 9.5 mm thick, rather than the 12.5 mm thick drives currently offered today on the market.

Via: Electronista

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