Free Eye-Fi 4GB card with Google Storage Purchase

eyefiI’ve always thought the Eye-Fi card, an SD card that uses Wifi to upload your geotagged photos to your photo provider of choice, was a cool product but a bit pricey for my occasional photography. The 4 GB Eye-Fi SDHC card is still expensive for me at $70 for the “Home Video version”; but right now if you purchase 200 GB of online storage from Google you get a 4 GB Eye-Fi card free.

The way the deal works is simple.

  1. Purchase an annual subscription to Google Storage for $50 or more (200GB).
  2. Wait 2-4 weeks for your free card to arrive.
  3. Upload all of your photos instantly to Picasa, Flickr or one of more than 20 other sites automatically.
  4. ????
  5. Profit!

This is a really good deal for anyone who needs a large amount of Google Storage to handle their digital life. This storage is shared between Picasa and Gmail so you can’t upload your whole computer to the cloud, but at least you can keep every email attachment you’ve ever been sent in Gmail.

Along with the free 4 GB Eye-Fi card you’ll also receive a year’s worth of Web Share and geotagging to take full advantage of the Eye-Fi, a $25 value.

After placing your initial order for $50 worth of Google storage you can downgrade or cancel before it renews so you’ll pay less and still get to keep your card. If you order now, you might even have it in time for Christmas.

Before you order, check to make sure the Eye-Fi will work in your camera.

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