BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories Pricing Sheet Leaked

A pricing sheet for OEM accessories for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet were leaked, revealing additional information for chargers, cases, sleeves, and other items that may interest owners of the slate from Research in Motion that’s slated to debut in the coming months. Many of the items were placed on display last month at the Consumer Electronics Show at the BlackBerry booth, but their prices were not known at the time.

The leather sleeves and cases start at $50 while the Neoprene and gel cases are cheaper at around $30-$40 and are available in an assortment of color. Interestingly, the BlackBerry Leather Sleeve (MSRP $49.99) is described with a “power saving case technology that extends the battery life” by RIM in the leaked slide deck.

Historically, RIM has used a magnet feature in holsters and cases for the company’s smartphones. When the BlackBerry smartphone is inserted into the case, the magnet inside the phone interacts with the magnetic mechanism inside the case to shut off the screen and lock the keys, avoiding accidental key presses and preventing the device from inadvertently waking up, extending the battery. The feature also activates the smartphone’s screen automatically and unlocks the device for use when a user removes the BlackBerry from its case. From the description, RIM may be employing a similar ‘smart’ technology to add value to the enterprise-driven PlayBook tablet.

The WiFi model of the PlayBook is expected to be priced at $500 when it launches in April according to an earlier leak.

Via: PhoneArena

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