HP Pavilion G Series Announced: G4, G6 and G7 Notebooks Arrive (video)

As part of the Winter 2011 HP pavilion notebook refresh HP has announced that the HP G series laptops are now part of the Pavilion family and will be known as the HP Pavilion G Series notebooks. The Pavilion G Series will be composed of the Pavilion G4, Pavilion G6 and Pavilion G7.

These notebooks offer consumers a budget notebook option from HP and as part of the new G series consumers will be able to get the Pavilion G Series in a wide variety of colors.

Who are the HP Pavilion G Series Laptops For?

The HP Pavilion G series notebooks are designed for users who need basic computing power such as access to the web, office work, email and watching videos. Given the current processor options the base  HP Pavilion g4 and Pavilion G6 will be good for these basic tasks and the HP Pavilion G7 will be more powerful with the ability to handle light photo editing and video editing. These notebooks won’t be powering much gaming, but should meet the needs of most home office users and students who need an affordable and reliable laptop.

We expect to see the HP Pavilion G Series laptops on the shelves of retailers like Walmart and to b e the go-to laptop for Black Friday 2011 later this year.

HP Pavilion G Series Processor Options:

The HP Pavilion G series is a budget line of notebooks so don’t expect to see the latest processors, but they do have decent starting specs. The HP Pavilion G4 and G6 notebooks start with an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor and the HP Pavilion G7 will have a 1st generation Intel Core i3 processor.

HP Pavilion G Series Screen and Graphics Options:

The HP Pavilion G Family of laptops come in a variety of sizes, offering users a choice of portability or a large screen. All of these models use HP Brightview HD displays.

  • HP Pavilion G4 – 14″ – 1366 x768 resolution
  • HP Pavilion G6 – 15.6″ – 1366 x768 resolution
  • HP Pavilion G7 – 17.3″ – 1600×900 resolution

HP hasn’t announced the graphics options for the Pavilion G laptops, but we expect the base models to use integrated Intel graphics, with the ability to upgrade to AMD or NVIDIA powered GPUs on select models.

HP Pavilion G Series Audio:

The Pavilion G4, G6, and G7 notebooks are equipped Altec Lansing speakers and SRS Premium Audio for a multimedia experience that should be a step up from the budget notebooks you find on many store shelves.

HP Pavilion G6 Hands On Video:

HP Pavilion G Series Connectivity:

The Pavilion G4, G6 and G7 laptops are able to connect to the Internet through the built in Ethernet port or with the included WiFi connections and allow you to video chat with the built in webcam.

HP Pavilion G Series Pricing and availability:

The HP Pavilion g4, g6 and g7 will be available on March 13 starting at $499.99, $449.99 and $599.99, respectively.

HP Pavilion G Series Gallery:

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