AT&T Announces Mobile Hotspot Pricing and Data Limit Increase

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AT&T is going to start offering Mobile Hotspot capability for some of their smart phones beginning with the HTC Inspire 4G Android phone on Feb. 13.

The AT&T Data Pro Plan will cost $45/month and come with 4GB of data/month instead of just 2GB as was the previous cap.

The launch comes in time for their release of the HTC Inspire 4G, but it does not mention whether the iPhone or any other smart phones will be able to use this feature as well.

Verizon is launching the iPhone 4 with a mobile hotspot feature, which allows users to tether up to five other devices to the phone via Wi-Fi, something only possible on AT&T via a USB connection or Bluetooth and with only a computer.

Customers who previously had the 2GB data plan won’t have to do anything to get this new plan. AT&T will add it automatically, according to the press release. But we advise that users check anyway just to be sure before using more than the previous 2GB limit. Going over the limit will result in a $10/GB fee. A text message from AT&T will inform users of the new additional data.

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