Verizon iPhone Hotspot Pricing Released

The coming release of a long awaiting Apple iPhone on Verizon will happen Feb. 10 with a potentially game-changing new feature - a wireless hotspot built into t...

Determining the iPad’s Value

While Josh put together a little guide explaining how you can afford an iPad for as little as $7 a day, I think there's a more important question worth asking: ...
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A Look at the Windows 7 Editions

If you have decided to upgrade to Windows 7, you have one other thing to to do, choose an edition. This will depend on a number of factors, whether you are doing a clean install, upgrading from a previous version of Windows, or you have multiple PC's in your home. Microsoft has made choosing an edition of Windows 7 a little easier in comparison to Windows Vista. Instead of 6 editions, you will now see 3 editions in mainstream markets. Cost is also a factor and users need to evaluate their needs.