Best Gadget for the Family at CES 2011: Sony Bloggie 3D

There was no shortage of gadgets at CES 2011, but the Sony Bloggie 3D stood out as something the entire family will enjoy in the new year. Starting at $249, the Bloggie 3D will make it easy and affordable for families to capture all those precious moments in 3D.

Until now, producing 3D video has been a complex and expensive proposition. Anyone that knows how to use a simple camera will be able to use shoot 3D video, which can be played back on any 3D HDTV. Don’t have a 3D TV yet? That’s ok. YouTube can automatically play videos shot with the Bloggie 3D in 3D on any normal 2D display. All you need to do is bring your own red/blue 3D glasses. You can even watch 3D videos on the screen of the Bloggie 3D.

The demo of videos shot with the Bloggie 3D that we saw at CES 2011 were impressive to say the least. While the Bloggie 3D won’t instantly turn you into the next James Cameron, it’s simple enough for any family member to shoot with and everyone will appreciate seeing themselves in 3D.

The Sony Bloggie 3D is’s Best Gadget for the Family at CES 2011.

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