Toshiba Demos Glasses-Free 3D Qosmio Notebook

There are a handful of 3D laptops on the market already, but they all require users to wear 3D glasses. Toshiba’s pushing a glasses-free 3D display through the design and production process and hopes to start selling notebooks with the technology later this year.

The Qosmio prototype can display 3D video as long as it can pinpoint the position of a viewer’s eyes. So how does it do that? There’s some custom software that utilizes the notebook’s webcam to continuously track the viewer’s face and adjust the images on the display so that they appear as the 3D producers intend it to. The downside of relying on head tracking to create a 3D effect is that only one viewer can watch at a time.

On the back of the Toshiba Qosmio prototype are a bunch of electronics that makes glasses-free 3D possible. Obviously, this piggy-back unit will not be there when it comes to market, but the display will be thicker than normal displays in order to accomodate the extra components.

Toshiba reps said that they’re still trying to figure out which models will get this 3D feature.

The 3D movie clips looked great on the Toshiba Qosmio and it was a relief to see a 3D demo without having to put on yet another pair of glasses.

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