Dolby Home Theater v4 Equipped Notebooks Coming Soon (video)

Dolby is set to formally introduce Dolby Home Theater v4 at CES 2011 next month. Dolby is working with most major PC manufacturers to improve the audio experience when listening to music and movies, whether through headphones or laptops’ built-in speakers.

Rather than simply selling PC companies a software solution, Dolby works with them to optimize hardware. Instead of barely-audible soundtracks, movies sound much bigger. Dolby’s technology plays tricks on your ears to create a virtual surround experience out of stereo speakers or headphones.

Dolby gave me a sneak peak at the new technology and I was impressed. With Dolby Home Theater v4 enabled, I could hear instruments that were missing in action with the feature disabled. Watching music videos was much more enjoyable as everything sounded much clearer compared to notebooks without premium audio solutions.

Dolby Home Theater v4 notebooks will likely be announced next month at CES 2011. Since the solution is part hardware and part software, you can’t simply install Dolby Home Theater v4 on your own laptop and expect better audio. To learn more about Dolby’s PC audio solutions, visit

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