Google Chrome Notebook: Track Cr-48 Notebooks Inbound to Your City

The Google Chrome Notebook or Cr-48 or Chrome netbook depending on how you look at the device isn’t available for purchase, but you can sign up for the beta program and hope that Google selects you to test out the Chrome OS laptop. If you are selected it doesn’t appear that you’ll know until a package lands on your doorstep — unless you check out your city in the Cr-48 Shipping Tracker.

The Chrome laptop tracker is a simple tool that uses a list of Cr-48 shipments from a trusted Android developer and allows you to search for Chrome notebooks coming to your city or zipcode. If there are devices headed in your general direction you’ll be able to see the tracking information on UPS including when it will be out for delivery.

We are particularly excited because there is one, yep one, Chrome OS notebook coming to our town in Ohio which means this week could be really exciting or disappointing depending on whether that device lands on our doorstep or on that of another lucky geek.

You can still sign up for the Chrome OS Notebook pilot program until December 21st and if you want to increase your odds, you can always check out all of the websites giving away Chrome notebooks in our Cr-48 contest roundup.

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