Dell Adamo XPS: World’s Thinnest Notebook (video and photo gallery)

The Dell Adamo XPS is the world’s thinnest notebook. It’s 9.99mm thick, which means it’s even trimmer than an iPhone. It will be available this month for $1,799 from and at select retailers. There’s definitely a steep price premium here, but If you want to turn heads and impress your friends this notebook will do the trick.

The Dell Adamo XPS doesn’t have a traditional clamshell design. Instead, the keyboard flips down from the display. It’s components include a 1.4GHz ULV Intel processor, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. It comes with a battery that’s rated to last two hours and 30 minutes, which won’t be nearly enough for many users. A thicker battery will be available that is rated to last up to five hours and 17 minutes.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how thin the Adamo XPS actually is compared to an iPhone and the Envy 13. Keep in mind that the Envy 13 is actually a very thin notebook itself.

One of our readers asked us to compare the Dell Adamo XPS to the size of a quarter. It’s much thinner than a quarter placed on edge and about as thick as six stacked quarters.

Here’s a longer video that I published on

Dell Adamo XPS Specifications

The base model of the Dell Adamo XPS costs $1,799 at and select retailers. It comes with a 1.4GHz Intel ULV processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. Matching external hard drives and an optical drive are optional.

Adamo XPS Spec Sheet

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