iPhone 4 Problems: Volume Buttons Swapped

Here is the laundry list of problems with the new iPhone 4.

Now we can add “volume buttons swapped” to the list.

A report says the volume buttons on the iPhone 4 are swapped. The issue is that on some of the iPhone 4 devices in circulation the volume buttons are labeled incorrectly. The upper button does increase the volume as you would expect. The lower button does lower the volume. But the signs on the buttons are, on some devices, incorrect with a + on the lower volume button and a – on the upper volume. Basically, the workers just put the wrong  piece of hardware in the wrong holes.

Here is a video to prove it that the upper button does increase the volume. But the picture above shows that the upper button has a minus on it.

The stress those poor Foxcon workers were under, it is surprising that there are not more of these kinds of problems. This is not a design flaw so much as a simple manufacturing error. I talked to one friend who has his iPhone 4 already and it is not a problem on his, nor are the other issues above. With over a million of these sold already, there are going to be some with problems. The only issues that seems to be design flaws are the delicate screen and the antenna issues.

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