Google Chrome Web Store Announced

Today at a Chrome Chrome Event Google announced the launch of the Google Chrome Web Store, a resource for Chrome users to purchase and download apps that run in the Chrome browser. The apps serve different purposes, but one key thing that was mentioned during the demo of Chrome Web Apps is that the apps can work offline.

During the demo of the Chrome Web Store we saw a few different apps announced including a news app, game and two from Amazon including Kindle for the Web which will be available in 2011. The rest of the Chrome Web App Store is live now with 500 apps that you can install and begin using.

The first app demoed was the NY Times app which  allows users to get an very useful NY Times reading experience, one that can travel with you as you go offline. Next up EA showed off a game called Poppit for the Chrome app store and finally Amazon showed off a Windows Shopping app and Kindle for the Web.

There are a mix of free and paid apps available in the apps store spanning many categories and uses from productivity to entertainment. Check out our additional coverage for more information on Chrome OS and the Chrome Netbook.

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