iOS 4.2 to Add Midi Support to the iPad

Musicians will be running to their computers to load the iOS 4.2 update on their iPads when it comes out in order to connect their instruments to their iPads which will have MIDI support after the new update is released. This will also work with the iPhone and iPod touch.

As a result a user can connect an instrument with MIDI support, like a keyboard, to their iPad or other iOS device and control the instrument playing songs on it from the iPad.


Musicians have been using computers to do this with programs like Garage Band and others. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It allows a musician to play a song on his or her MIDI instrument and the notes can be sent to an application that records them as sheet music. That is just one application. The video below shows the instrument playing a song coming from an app on the iPad.

According to Creative Digital Music, the new iOS 4.2 update will support Wi-Fi MIDI interface between iOS devices so users can share music, but will not support connecting to an instrument with Wi-Fi. It will also support USB MIDI through the iPad Camera Connection Kit USB Adapter which also will connect to a mic as we confirmed in our review.

MIDI data will be able to be sent both ways – to the iPad from an instrument and from the instrument to the iPad, for recording. Don’t be surprised if a one man band starts using an iPad instead of a huge contraption carried on his back to make sound.

In this video a box called the iConnectMIDI is demonstrated along with an iPad and a synthesizer.

Source: Engadget

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