Black Friday Laptop Roundup: Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy November 5, 6, and 7

With Black Friday less than three weeks away retailers are hitting hard with early Black Friday notebook deals. This weekend, November 5, 6 and 7, we have three major Black Friday Laptop deals from Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.

The following Black Friday Laptop Deals are available right now, or within the next 24 hours.

Which is the best Black Friday Laptop deal?

When ti comes down to size and specs these notebooks share almost everything except the processor and video card. The Black Friday notebooks from Amazon and Walmart use an Intel Celeron processor with integrated graphics while the Best Buy notebook has an AMD processor, dedicated graphics from ATI and an HDMI output. The graphic power and HDI out make the Best Buy eMachines eME442-V133 the best deal of the three, but if you want a webcam you’ll need to look at the Walmart Compaq CQ6-109WM.

If all you care about is price then the obvious choice is Amazon’s Compaq Presario CQ62-210US, but keep in mind that you won’t have a webcam or dedicated graphics.

More Information on Black Friday Notebooks:

For more info on figuring out what Black Friday Laptop is for you read our 10 Things to Know Before you Buy a Black Friday Laptop or Netbook. Keep in mind that this is just the start and we expect to see dual-core notebooks with 4GB of RAM for $350 to $380 so for an additional $100 you’ll be able to get a much faster, more modern, notebook.

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