How to Enable Windows 7 Snap Functionality on the Mac

For the longest time Windows has lagged behind the Mac in terms of usability features, and in many places OS X still has an edge, but not when it comes to moving windows around with Aero Snap on Windows 7. We’ll show you how to add Aero Snap abilities to OSX with SizeUp.

SizeUp Demo

If you aren’t familiar with Aero Snap in Windows 7 it is the ability to snap a window to the left, right or make it full size using the Windows key and your arrow keys. It is the best way to put two windows side by side to compare documents or web pages. Sadly, when you boot up your Mac for the first time Windows 7 converts will find this awesome feature missing.

Adding Aero Snap to the Mac is as simple as installing SizeUp which allows you to control your window placement with your arrow keys, just like in Windows 7. SizeUp also makes it easy to make a window fullscreen or to move windows from one monitor to another.

To use SizeUp, download the demo version from Irradiated Software and install it on your Mac. Next, launch the application and you will be prompted to enable the use of assisted devices. Click the checkbox and then you will be greeted with the ability to set up your shortcuts for snapping your Windows to certain locations.

If you like SizeUp the full version is only $13. If you prefer to control your window placement with your mouse, check out Cinch from Irradiated Software which lets you do similar things with mouse hotspots.

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