FaceTime Now Connects with Mac Users

Steve Jobs said at Apple’s Back to the Mac press event that the number one request for FaceTime was the ability to make FaceTime calls with people who use a Mac. Now, thanks to a beta release of FaceTime for Mac available at Apple, they can interact with the “tens of millions” of Mac, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch users.

It is as simple as going into the user’s favorite contacts and connecting using a link. The person can be on their Mac, iPhone 4, or their newest generation iPod Touch. If the other person is using their iPhone and they choose to rotate from portrait to landscape mode, the Mac version will automatically rotate as well.

Poking a little fun at himself and the problems Jobs had at their previous press event, at the conclusion of the demo he said it was a “very simple demo.” With this development FaceTime might become more useful now that it is breaking out of its “walled garden” of the newest iPhone/iPod Touch.

Below is a video demoing the new Facetime on a Mac.

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