Verizon Wireless Mobile Recovery Application Launched

Verizon Wireless’s Mobile Recovery application launched yesterday, bringing useful security features to many of the company’s Android, Palm, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry devices. This application is available at no additional cost to those who subscribe to Verizon Wireless’s Total Equipment Coverage Program through Asurion.

The Mobile Recovery service, which is provided by Asurion, offers the ability to remotely locate and secure your device, while also sounding an alarm. Check out a video of Mobile Recovery in action.

  • Alarm – Even if the device is set to silent, the Mobile Recovery service will enable an alarm to sound. This could be particularly useful if the device is buried in a couch or something like that.
  • Location the Device – As long as the device is turned on and is in Verizon Wireless’s coverage area, GPS location can be used to find a lost phone. The Mobile Recovery service will give you an address of where the phone is at, show it on a map, and even give you the option to get turn-by-turn directions.
  • Secure the Device – As soon as the device is lost, users can secure the device by remotely locking it. If for some reason the device cannot be retrieved, there is also the option to remotely wipe it. Be sure to note that the remote lock and wiping features do not apply to removable memory. In other words, don’t store important or private information on a removable Micro SD card.

What sets this recovery service apart from other offerings for the iPhone and HTC devices is the Total Equipment Coverage Program. If your device was stolen and you could not retrieve it for some reason, TEC would provide a next-day replacement for a non-refundable deductible of $39 for phones and $89 for “advanced devices”. Though it does cost you, it is cheaper than going out and buying a shiny, new Motorola Droid X out of contract for $569.99.

Speaking of costs, in order to get the Mobile Recovery app for your compatible device, you do need to be a Total Equipment Coverage subscriber. Currently, the TEC price for a smartphone is $7.99 per month for each covered device. Over a two-year period, that’s around $190. Say someone steals your Droid X and you have to pay the $89 deductible to get it replaced. That’s still only about $280, which isn’t too bad compared to the $569.99 retail price of the Droid X.

The Mobile Recovery app can be downloaded on your device if it shows up in this list and you are a TEC subscriber. To download, text “GETMR” to 6967. You will then be prompted to download the application and set up your account. Click here, for more information on the Mobile Recovery app for Verizon Wireless. To check and see if your are a TEC subscriber log into your account at Verizon or dial *611 from your phone.

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