Trident Case Releases Protective Cases for iPhone & Popular Android Phones

Trident Case is announcing several new rugged cases for various popular mobile phones including the iPhone 4, HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy S and Motorola Droid X. Named and designed with they mythological Greek Cyclops in mind, these cases are meant to be “…sleek, protective and tough and come in nine stylish colors.”

The ones pictured above are for the Samsung Vibrant, except the one orange case for the iPhone 4. Other models will be similar.

Besides having an eye catching colorful design, these cases are primarily meant to protect the phone. Trident Case says, they are made with “…impact-resistant polycarbonate wrapped with a shock absorbing silicone ring, and a bubble-free screen protector, the Cyclops envelops the device with a superb level of protection.”

They promise a good grip thanks to the protective ring and an inside that will not scratch the phone case. The case also comes with an anti-dust screen protector built into the cop cover that still allows the user to access the touch screen. The screen protector is anti-glare, anti-dust and anti-scratch. They also have UV protection.

The Cyclops iPhone 4 case is $24.95 while the HTC EVO model starts at $34.95. They are going to be available in stores and online at for only $20 and other sites. You could order them directly from  the Trident Case’s website at: The Cyclops Samsung Galaxy S and Motorola Droid X cases start at $34.95 and and should be available soon.

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