GV Connect Ready to Connect Your iPhone to Google Voice

GV Connect is back in the Apple store, giving Google Voice users a better way to use the service on their iPhones and the iPod Touch. GV Connect allows users to place calls, send text messages, check voicemail and manage Google Voice account settings.

Apple had previously allowed a Google Voice compatible app into the App store, but pulled it soon after. Apple has not been very keen in allowing VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) applications since they can replace the iPhone’s built-in phone and messaging applications (Phone, Voicemail and Messages). The company recently relaxed restrictions on third-party applications and is approving some apps that had been pulled or were not previously approved.

A free Google Voice account in order to use GV Connect, which is $2.99 in the app store.

GV Connect is fully compatible with iOS4  and can run in the background.

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