Mobile Spyware Can Invade Your Privacy On-The-Go

BlackBerryCurve8520_TMobile_Black_RightAngleAre you being spied on through your mobile telephone? The scary part is, you have no way of knowing whether you are or are not.  Mobile spyware has also joined the Spyware race and is becoming an increasing threat. Some of the most recent examples include malware that has affected rooted iPhones and phones produced specifically to spy on a spouse that you suspect is cheating.

This spyware is designed to target the privacy of spouses, employees, friends and children. A lot of people think their cell phone calls and text messages are very secure but the reality is that there are increasingly more tools for bad guys” to invade your privacy.

One example of mobile spyware in uses would be software which can capture incoming/outgoing call logs, SMS messages and emails on Windows Mobile devices and then upload the information to a website for later viewing.

What can cell phone spyware do?

  1. Can turn a mobile phone into a virtual bug that can be used by someone to listen in on conversation.
  2. If someone changes or replace his/her SIM card it will also give notification that SIM card is replaced. This could be useful if someone steals or finds your phone and decides to keep it.
  3. Java capable phone can be remotely control with spyware. The remote user can enable /disable spy calling, start/stop captures.
  4. It also allows the hacker or spyware user to read SMS, call logs and emails.
  5. With mobile spyware phone owner’s location can be located easily.

How Mobile Spyware works:  Mobile spyware can be installed on a cell phone in many ways like for instance an acquaintance could install it on your phone when you are not looking. Another way your phone could be infected is if a hacker sends a text message to the target. When the target opens the message, spyware is installed on the device. Once spyware is installed your at risk of the privacy invasions listed above.

Individuals who are worried about misbehaving children or cheating spouses are no longer turning to private investigators; but instead using mobile spyware to track their targets. All it takes is choosing any one of the many mobile spyware software web sites, downloading the software and paying for a subscription.

The Greendale Cherry Creek Chronicle details how easy it is for someone to compromise your phone.

All we had to go to (one of the many popular spyware sites) and pay $350 for a year subscription. If you download the spyware and install on mobile then there was no way for anyone to know whether or not the phone had been tampered with. For maximum effect the target phone should be an iPhone, Black-berry, Nokia Series 60, Windows mobile or a similar mobile telephone which has access to the internet, e-mails, text messages, etc.

How you can avoid this: It’s really disturbing that this kind of software is out there and available for anyone to use. But with some precautionary steps you can avoid this being watched with mobile spyware.

First off; keeping a close eye on your cell phone that others never get an opportunity to install spyware is a must. It’s also important to install a security password on your phone to restrict anyone else from using it. If it’s not required don’t use mobile phone with internet access as mobile with internet access are most vulnerable to spyware programming.

3 ways to help you know if your phone is infected.

  1. Cell Phone battery is warm even when your phone has not been used.
  2. Cell phone lights up at unexpected times, including occasions when phone is not in use.
  3. Unexpected beep or click during phone conversation.