iPhone Coming to the UK, Apple Partners with O2

Apple Logo Steve Jobs announced the iPhone will be available in the UK starting November 9 at Apple stores and via 02, UK’s largest mobile carrier. The 8GB iPhone will cost £269 in the UK.

18-month plans will range from £35-£55 and include unlimited data on O2’s EDGE network. Unlimited usage actually means enough data to load 1400 web pages per day, or what O2 calls a ‘fair use’ limit.

Apple and 02 are partnering with Carphone Warehouse, which will sell the iPhone at its 1300 retail locations. The iTunes WiFi music store will be live in the UK when the iPhone launches there.

There will be no 3G support for the UK version of the iPhone. UK iPhone users will be able to connect to 7,500 WiFi hotspots for free thanks to a partnership with Cloud. Hopefully Apple will bring something similar to U.S. users soon.

Apple has given its iPhone television ads a slight makeover, with British accents and O2 logos instead of AT&T’s.

Jobs says Apple is busy working on the next iPhone, which isn’t ready yet. The British will get their hands on the same features as U.S. consumers have, nothing better, nothing worse.

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