Intel AppUp: Intel’s New App Store for Netbooks Out of Beta

Today Intel announced the company’s netbook app store AppUp, as in Applications Up in the cloud, had left beta and is now officially live and ready to go.

AppUp is an app store designed for netbooks primarily, although it installs fine on any computer with the supported operating systems. The purpose is to give netbook users a central place, like the Apple App Store, to find and buy apps designed specifically for netbooks. In addition to offering a single place to go, the app store is useful to netbook users who may not have an optical drive to install new apps or a lot of room for local storage.

The AppUp store has applications of many kinds, from Books, to Entertainment, Games, and Business or Utilities. Users can download the store software for Windows or Moblin operating systems. Moblin is a version of Linux designed for netbooks.


In the store there are both paid and free apps. For paid apps, a person will pay with their credit card. When logged in that user can see all the apps they paid for and can download. The apps can be installed on up to four devices. The AppUp store is available in all countries but not all apps are. In order to give users a chance to try out software, their credit cards will not be charged for 24 hours after first buying an app. If users don’t like the application, they can then remove it and their card will never be charged nor will they have access to it anymore.

This kind of application storage is appealing to users of small devices without a lot of storage room or a way to install their apps from off the computer.

Fore more information about AppUp check out Intel’s FAQ page. Check back for more in-depth coverage of AppUp from

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