Intel Ivy Bridge 22nm CPU’s Announced, Feature “3D” Transistors (video)

Today Intel took the covers off the next Intel processor, Ivy Bridge. This new processor will begin production later this year and will likely find their way into your next notebook or mobile device in 2012. These new processors are able to come in smaller than the current processors thanks to the new 3D Tri-Gate Transistors which Intel claims will deliver a 37% increase in speed and use half the power of the normal 2D transistors.

Intel Ivy Bridge - 3D Transistor

2D vs. 3D - Close Up Inside Your Electronics

So, what does this mean for you? Well, because Intel was able to cut the power needed, it will be easier to deliver better battery life on Ivy Bridge. Thanks to the power enhancements, you’ll also get better performance, which is something that we have come to expect from new processors.

You can see a demonstration of the new Ivy Bridge Processors in action in the demonstration video below, which shows off gaming on these new processors.

If you want to see how small these new 22nm processors and the new Tri-Gate transistors are, you should squint and lean in really close to this page. Or, you could watch Mark T. Bohr get shrunk down to size to show you just how small the transistors are.