Google Instant Search — Your Searches Now Faster and Smarter

Today Google announced Google Instant, no they haven’t entered the instant coffee business, but if you go to and perform a search you’ll now see the search results unfold instantly in front of you — changing as you type.

The new Google Instant search function displays the search results, and suggestions, as you type which allows you to change your search instantly based on what has been presented and according to Google will save 2-5 seconds per search; even more for the individuals that Google has observed taking 30-90 seconds to type a search query!

Google Instant is live right now, though you’ll need to visit the Google homepage to experience Google Instant to try it out. At the announcement in response to a question from Robert Scoble, a Google employee said that we can expect similar technology to come to the search bar in our browsers within a few months. Google will also be rolling out a mobile version of Google Instant in the coming months.

Image Via ReadWriteWeb

“How do I turn off Google Instant?” you may ask. Well, there is a simple switch to turn it off on the right hand side of your search box.

According to Google, the new Instant search will not affect how website’s are ranked by the search engine. That said, as user can instantly change their search terms to find what they are really looking for we wouldn’t be surprised to see more users finding what they want faster, and hopefully reaching higher quality websites.

More on Google Instant in the video below and full live coverage from ReadWriteWeb.

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