Asus Blames iPad for Loss of Sales

Recently, President and CEO of Asus, Jerry Chen, blamed Apple and its iPad for Asus’s loss in netbook sales. As a result, Asus will soon be entering the tablet PC market.

[Asus] saw sales of its netbooks in the second quarter fall short of expectations mainly due to competition from Apple’s iPad, and has downward adjusted its target shipments for the third quarter, the traditional peak sales period, to 1.4 million units,” Chen said to investors in a conference call last week.

Though Chen recognized the increasing competition from the iPad and other tablet devices, he remains committed to the Eee PC line. However, Asus is diligently working towards creating their own line of tablets, known as the Eee Pad line, which will run Android, Windows 7, or Windows Embedded Compact 7.

Electronista pointed out why netbooks, such as the Eee PC line, may be slowly failing.

“Netbooks can run more software and cost less but are often subjectively slower due to the higher overhead of Windows and the relatively low power Atom chip. They also usually have shorter battery life while still measuring roughly twice as thick and heavy.”

Additionally, netbooks fail to provide that wow factor that most tablets, especially the iPad, can provide.

Via LAPTOP Magazine, Electronista

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