Bios and Firmware Updates Address Battery Life on 2010 ThinkPads

If you have a new 2010 ThinkPad you need to stop what you’re doing and update your BIOS and your battery’s firmware to fix an incorrect battery charge. The new BIOS and firmware will ensure that your ThinkPad lasts as long as it can on battery power.

According to the Lenovo Connections blog,

This battery firmware update utility fixes an issue where some batteries indicate an incorrect full charge capacity value. Because of this error, the amount of energy available for use is artificially low, decreasing the amount of time the system can be used on battery. The fix is entirely contained in the battery firmware update; there is no need to replace any hardware for this problem.”

The new BIOS and Firmware were released in July and if you are using a machine managed by an IT department for work it may have already been updated but if not you can update the battery and BIOS with ThinkVantage Toolbox, ThinkVantage System Update Tool or by visiting the Lenovo support site.

The following 2010 ThinkPad Models are included in the update:

  • X100e
  • L410/L510
  • L412/L512
  • SL410/SL510
  • T410/T410i
  • T510,T510i
  • W510
  • ThinkPad Edge, 13, 14, or 15 inch


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