$99 Genbook74 Android Netbook Arrives at Kmart , caught on video

The $150 Android powered Augen tablet at Kmart has been making a lot of news recently, but it’s not the only new device to grace the store shelves. Kmart is also selling a $99 Genbook74 Android powered netbook.

The Genbook74 is cheap, but when you look at the specs you’ll know why. The $99 Android netbook has a 400MHz processor, 7 inch screen with a small 800×480 display and 128MB of RAM. The device is also running an older version of Android (1.6) and even though it has the Android Marketplace, it can’t install apps.

That hasn’t dissuaded Joanna Stern from Engadget from buying one to test out though. Stern put the $99 Android netbook through its paces and confirms what you may have guessed when you read the specs, “the GenBook, which is powered by a 400MHz CPU and 128MB of RAM, is slow. No, like really slow.”

Stern also adds comments on the design, usability and overall Android experience which provides additional clues as to why the netbook is priced at $99 and why it may soon be on the clearance shelf.

Via AndroidGuys

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