iPhone 4 Video Samples

When it comes to the iPhone 4, I’m looking forward to the nice display and great  new OS features like multi-tasking and folders, but it looks like I should be excited about another feature — the iPhone 4’s camera.

Here are some video samples from around the web, posted at The Unofficial Apple Weblog. In short, they look pretty amazing.

From my untrained observations the quality looks good but handling changes in light settings seems a little slow. For example, below is a video of the phone in macro mode (shooting things up close) and part way through the camera moves from an Apple keyboard to a mouse. The mouse is white and looks totally blown out, until the phone has a chance to adjust and get back into a decent picture. But other than that, these videos look amazing for a phone.

In this first one, you see how it switches focus from close to far away. The dept of field at first blurs the flowers. But when focus transfers to them the background is blurred for what is called bokeh” or when the depth of what is in focus is shallow enough that the background or foreground is blurred. This is a nice effect when intended and the lens can achieve this effect on the iPhone 4.

This second video is just of a street corner and parking lot. The sharpness is decent and cars driving by are in focus.

Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing takes some very nice shots of her bike ride to a skating park. This looks pretty amazing. If I didn’t know it was just a phone, I’d think it was a decent consumer HD camcorder taking these shots.

Jardin also posted some still photos she took on her ride. They look excellent as well (see below)

xeniskatepark4These are impressive for an iPhone. They compare to the samples of pictures we posted previously.

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