iPhone 4 Reception Features

One of the complaints many users have of the current iPhone is poor reception. One of the big questions is whether Apple or AT&T is to blame? Thanks to new iPhone 4 reception features we may soon find out.

When Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone, one of the features he touted was the new antennae which are visible on the outside of the new case. In the pre-announcement leaks people noticed these very uncharacteristic lines along the side (see above). As Jobs explained, there are actually three bands – one on each of the sides near the bottom and one on the top towards the left side – are part of the structure of the phone and are antennae. As you can see from the photo below, the actual chassis of the case will be part of the antennae.

The hope is that this design will give much better reception, not only for the cellular radio for call reception, but also for the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS radios as well. As you can see the right side is larger to make the call reception better.

You may remember that at last week’s All Things Digital conference Jobs answered a question from the audience about reception. He said that an improvement would be coming soon. iPhone users who plan to upgrade certainly hope that he’s right.

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