Verizon Not Interested in iPhone 4, Pushing Android Smartphones Instead

Based on a meeting of Verizon Wireless employees, Verizon will be promoting its latest Android devices in the upcoming “Rule the Air!” ad campaign, including the soon to be released Droid X and Droid 2. As of now, Verizon says that it is not interested in the iPhone 4 — even if many of its customers are.

Based on Verizon’s success with the Droid and Droid Incredible, as well as other Android-based smartphones, the company is looking put most of its efforts into promoting the new Android devices coming to Verizon. Included in these devices are the Droid X, with a release date of July 15 for $200, and the Droid 2, which will be released sometime in August.

Droid X

As a result of Verizon’s push of Android devices, it looks as though the rumors of the company finally getting the iPhone are once again false. Though it may happen eventually, Verizon says that they are just not interested in the iPhone 4 at this time.

Via DroidLife, Photo via Engadget

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