Gelaskin iPad Skin Review

Like most Apple products, the iPad needs protection. Given that it is already on the heavy side for a handheld device, protecting it from scratches with a minimal cover is an ideal solution. Enter the Gelaskins iPad skin, which protects the delicate back of the iPad and the bezel from unsightly scuffs in style.

Like the Gelaskin notebook skin we reviewed previously, the Gelaskins iPad skin ($29.99) keeps your device free from the scratches that would normally end up on the back of your iPad.

Unlike the screen protectors, which are difficult to install on the iPad’s large screen, the Gelaskin iPad skin, made of vinyl with a 3M adhesive, was easy to put on — even on the contoured back of the iPad.  If you desire, the skin can be easily removed and repositioned.

Video Review:

Additionally, I like that with the skin on you do get a bit more grip than on a naked iPad but you can still slip it into a case like the Speck HardCandy, without removing the skin.


The Gelaskins iPad skin is perfect for anyone who wants to protect their iPad from cosmetic damage and still be able to use accessorize and other cases. This skin won’t protract your iPad from a fall, but it will make you feel better about setting it down on almost any surface. You can choose from numerous designs and even upload your own to stay protected in style.


  • Easy to install
  • Works with other cases and accessories
  • Many choices
  • Price – one of the cheapest options for protecting your iPad


  • Doesn’t offer protection from drops

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