iPad LapDock

This is pretty creative. The insane thing about it is that they are actually thinking about producing such an accessory for the iPad. I’m talking about the iPad LapDock which is basically a wooden prototype” of the device that is actually in development of some kind.


The web site has a poll that you can take asking if you want one. When I took it, 772 people had voted and 29% actually wanted one. The answer I chose was Why? I already have a laptop.” Here is version 2.0 of the prototype. It looks like 2.0 is a painted version of 1.0.

You have to give the person credit for creativity and the woodworking is better than I can do. That’s not saying a whole lot. I’m curious if our readers would actually want one. If it is finally made, maybe we can test it for you.

Lenovo is actually making a similar device called the U1 Hybrid. The U1 Hybrid is two computers in one, offering a full Windows experience when the display is docked. The  detachable screen that doubles as a media slate. It is coming this summer.


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