Apple MobileMe to be Renamed Places

Apple will be renaming its cloud based backup, email and PIM service from MobileMe to Places. it will also be adding social networking features. It will be iTunes, MobileMe and Ping all rolled up into one new service with the new moniker. The latest evidence for the change is a trademark filing in Europe, according to Patently Apple.


It is not exactly a big secret that the company is revamping its MobileMe service. While technically still a rumor, with the information we learned about the huge North Carolina Data Center being planned to support iTunes and MobileMe, Apple all but admitted that something is in the works.

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The trademark filing was with the European Trademarks and Designs Office, which published the filing under application number 009760141. The application says it will exist in the realm of computer hardware, education and entertainment. Sounds like it will have broad application. The hardware part has to do with Mac computers and iOS devices. The education aspect could be referring to the use of the service in educational environments or the hosting of iTunes University content. Entertainment has to do with iTunes and all the content it offers from moves and music to games.

The spoke of the Places wheel is going to be the social networking feature. The application also discussed using GPS to locate people, which relates to the Find My iPhone service, but possibly much more.

Images Source: Patently Apple. They are clear to note the first graphic has nothing to do with Apple.

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