Onkyo DX Dual Screen Netbook Reviewed On Camera


Since the Dual Screen Onkyo DX Netbook made it’s first appearance I’ve been intrigued by the device. I use dual monitors at work and when I try to get anything done without them I feel a bit lost so the prospect of a small dual screen device is exciting.

WoW-PoW does us all the honor of reviewing the Onkyo DX on video.

The Onkyo DX is very similar to the Kohjinsha DZ, but the Onkyo has higher screen resolution. If you want to know more about the Onkyo DX checkout the full Onkyo DX specs and additional images in our earlier post.

Netbooked notes that the Onkyo DX is available for $1,099 from Conics; which imports items like the Onkyo DX to America for users who want something a little out of the ordinary.

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