Majority Of Users Would Be Dissatisfied With Windows 7 Starter

Even though Microsoft backed off of some of their early Windows 7 Starter edition limitations, such as the number of programs that can run at a certain time, the low cost version of Windows 7 shipping on most netbooks still has some drawbacks that consumers aren’t happy with.

The biggest limitations in Windows 7 Starter, as compared to the other editions of Windows 7, are;

  • No desktop personalization
  • No DVD playback
  • No Multi-Monitor Support
  • No Aero affects
  • And others

A recent survey by Retrevo, which revealed that 21% of respondents were planning on purchasing a netbook this coming year, found that many consumers don’t understand the differences in Windows 7 editions.

Specifically, 46% didn’t know about the different versions of Windows 7, and 64% didn’t know that the Starter edition lacked the above features already found in Windows XP.

gadgetology110409_chart4newWhen asked if they would be disappointed with a netbook that couldn’t support these common, and expected these days, features; 56% said they would be dissatisfied with the experience!

Unfortunately most new netbooks are migrating to Windows 7 Starter edition, Retrevo found 23 out of 28 sold at Amazon shipped with Starter edition, which means consumers will end up paying more for these features.

This will either come about in the form of higher priced Windows 7 netbooks or by taking advantage of the ability to do an Anytime Upgrade in Windows 7. While paying more for a new netbook or dropping $80 on an Anytime Upgrade from Starter edition to Windows 7 Home aren’t appealing there is a silver lining. Users who just want a simple computer to use on the go, as a secondary computer, will be able to save $50 to $80 on their netbook purchase.

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