Windows 7 Starter

Top 5 Operating Systems for Netbooks

In addition to upping the number of individuals who enjoy computing on the go netbooks have done one thing that notebooks have largely failed to do; bring atten...

Majority Of Users Would Be Dissatisfied With Windows 7 Starter

Even though Microsoft backed off of some of their early Windows 7 Starter edition limitations, such as the number of programs that can run at a certain time, the low cost version of Windows 7 shipping on most netbooks still has some drawbacks that consumers aren't happy with.
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A Look at the Windows 7 Editions

If you have decided to upgrade to Windows 7, you have one other thing to to do, choose an edition. This will depend on a number of factors, whether you are doing a clean install, upgrading from a previous version of Windows, or you have multiple PC's in your home. Microsoft has made choosing an edition of Windows 7 a little easier in comparison to Windows Vista. Instead of 6 editions, you will now see 3 editions in mainstream markets. Cost is also a factor and users need to evaluate their needs.