Review of the HP ProBook 5310m — “Ground breaking”

Laptop Magazine just posted their full review of the HP ProBook 5310, HP’s newest small business notebook, and boy are they impressed. This ground breaking system”, earns an Editors’ Choice award from Laptop Magazine by combining an affordable price, blazing fast performance and a high build quality.

Kudos to HP for pulling off a trifecta with the new ProBook 5310, it isn’t an easy thing to do, especially now that netbooks have lowered the price users want to pay for a notebook of any kind.


Specifically, Laptop Magazine enjoyed the strong tactile feedback” of the keyboard but wished for some more texture on the multitouch mousepad. Also, in what I hope is a new trend, you can get the HP ProBook 5310 with an Anti-Glare screen which still provides a good head on user experience.

No notebook is perfect and Laptop Magazine found that the sound overall was low and music from Napster and other sources was tinny. The review also notes the lack of an HDMI or VGA port to keep the notebook thin, though, HP says there will be an adapter. That said, you may want to ask HP Mini 1000 owners how the wait for an adapter goes before you buy this if you absolutely need a VGA connection!

Overall the HP ProBook 5310 looks impressive. Even though a 5 hour battery life that keeps it from being an all day computer the other options and performance do a good job of compensating; especially when you consider the price and small form factor.

Laptop Magazine’s Verdict does a great job of summing up this new notebook offering from HP, “The HP ProBook 5310m is one of the most exciting small business systems we’ve seen in a long time. For $899, you get an ultraportable that compromises on nothing, from its strong performance, to its suite of high-end security tools, to its durable high-class design.”

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