Apple to Bring Back Antiglare Matte Displays on 15″ MacBook Pros?

There are rumors circulating today that Apple may be close to re-introducing anti-glare display options on its smaller MacBook Pros.

Until October 2008, MacBook Pro buyers could choose between glossy and matte displays. MacBook Pros with glossy displays offer deep color saturation and are fantastic for watching movies in dimly-lit rooms, but they reflect a lot of light. This means they are unusable outdoors and are far from ideal for photographers, video editors and graphic artists who are more concerned with color accuracy that watching movies on their displays.


I took this photo of my MacBook Pro and a ThinkPad T400 in the shade in my garden. As you can see, the T400’s matte display is readable, but you can see all kinds of reflections in the MacBook Pro’s glossy display.

As of today, the 17″ MacBook Pro is the only Apple notebook with an anti-glare display. Users, such as myself, who prefer a more portable MacBook Pro are stuck with a glossy display. The glossy 15″ MacBook Pro that I use now is a replacement for a MacBook Pro that I ordered about a year ago with a matte display. It’s a great computer, but I’d trade it for a matte display version in a heartbeat.

The glossy reflections in my MacBook Pro can be really distracting. The reflections are even more noticeable after using one of my other notebooks with a matte display, then switching over to my MacBook Pro.

via Appleinsider

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