LaptopMag Pegs HP Mini 110 Best Consumer HP Netbook To Date

I had a chance to play with the HP Mini 1000 and came away thoroughly impressed with its design, large keyboard, and thin profile, but there were still some aspects of the computer that could have been improved. did a full review of the new Mini 110 and found that HP seems to have addressed some of the issues lacking in the Mini 1000 but not without compromise. Gone is the glossy screen in place of a matte antiglare screen. Added is a VGA port – so there’s no need for that dongle adaptor – and another USB port (totaling 3). The Mini 1000’s 60GB 4200rpm hard drive is now replaced with the netbook-standard 160GB hard drive spinning at 5400rpms. Added, too, is weight and thickness. Gone is the sleek thin design. The Mini 110 now looks more in line with the other netbooks out in the market.

According to LaptopMag’s Mark Spoonauer:

It’s not perfect, but the new HP Mini 110 ($329 as configured) is definitely the company’s best netbook for consumers yet. HP has addressed our biggest complaints with the earlier Mini 1000 (no VGA port, small and slow hard drive), and has added more style to the mix with new color options. On the other hand, the attractive edge-to-edge glass display is gone, and the Mini 110 is thicker and heavier than its predecessor, not to mention that HP still includes awkward vertical touchpad buttons. The HP Mini 110 is a good value, but there are better 10-inch netbooks for the money.

Check out LaptopMag’s full review here.

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