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Apple iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS vs. Palm Pre vs. HTC G1

Apple once again has taken the blogosphere by storm with their latest iteration of the iPhone and its software. The Palm Pre was released just this Saturday and the blogs were ablaze with chatter (until today) with all things Pre. Earlier this month, Google's Android development team released the much anticipated cupcake update (Firmware 1.5). With all the news coming at breakneck speed, it's difficult to stay abreast of all the developments and all the details. Below is an attempt to highlight the hardware differences between four devices, the iPhone 3G, the new iPhone 3GS, the Palm Pre, and the HTC G1 in a concise table. As you can see, the hardware is very closely matched.
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Apple Claims Safari 4 Fastest Browser Available

Apple's Safari 4 web browser was officially announced at WWDC 2009 today and boasts some fantastic claims. JavaScript, a commonly used programming language that allows for greater interactive web browsing, loads 4.5 times faster than Safari 3, more than 4 times faster than Firefox 3, and a whopping 8 times faster than IE 8. For simple HTML sites, Safari 4 can render pages at least 3 times faster than both Firefox and IE 8. Full press release below:

Apple Announces Snow Leopard OS, $29 to Upgrade

hero20080609Today's a big news day for Apple with their annual WWDC in San Francisco. OS X has been updated to 10.6 and will be called Snow Leopard, which will be offered at an upgrade price of $29 for single users and $49 for a 5-license Family Pack. Users of Snow Leopard will notice a performance increase over previous versions of OS X thanks to increased implementation of 64-bit software that can utilize greater than 4GB of RAM while seeing a net increase of roughly 6GB of storage space thanks to a streamlining of the OS footprint. Check out the full press release below:

Save up to $350 on Sony Vaio Notebooks

tt_gallery4Sony is offering some substantial rebates on their popular line of Vaio notebooks. Read on to see what deals and rebates are available direct from the manufacturer:

iolo technologies Reclaims Speed of Cluttered Computers

sm_shotFor most people, a computer that is constantly lagging, freezing, crashing, or otherwise performing poorly is due cause for drastic measures. Sometimes, computers only a few years old are simply replaced when they start acting up. Other times, said computer is brought to a specialist and the consumer is charged a hefty premium in order to address the issues at hand.

SanDisk Announces Netbook-centric pSSD

pssd_p2_lif_and_pssd_s2_standardSanDisk used Computex as the launch pad for its new 2nd generation solid state drives aimed at the expanding netbook market. Many first-generation netbooks with SSDs experienced slower-than-expected performance, but SanDisk has developed ncache to speed up SSD performance while still maintaining low cost.

Fujitsu USA Joins Netbook Race

m2010_front_smFujitsu today announced their own netbook called the M2010. The Fujitsu M2010 is geared towards students from K-12 and mobile professionals, but can it distinguish itself from the myriad of other netbooks out there?

Acer Releases New Line Of All-Day Notebooks

6-2-2009-10-04-31-amAcer's upcoming Aspire Timeline brand of notebook computers will combine performance with long battery life. The Timeline notebooks will come in three iterations with each providing a blend of performance and extended run time. A 13.3" model dubbed AS3810T is the most expensive model, checking in at $899.99 while running Intel's Core 2 Duo SU9400 (1.4GHz). Due to the small screen, it provides a whopping 9 hours of battery life.

Intel Announces New Mobile Processors At Computex

intel-computexIntel is busy at Computex 2009, where it will be announcing new processors for mobile and laptop computing. There are four new models coming, with the T9900 as the flagship model, pushing above 3GHz processor speeds. The P9700 and P8800 increases performance with large amounts of high speed cache memory. The SU2700 is geared towards the ultra-portable market and will be used in the new thin and light notebooks, which Intel expects to be the big sellers in 2009. Additionally, Intel plans on releasing a new chipset dubbed GS40 to maximize performance from these new processors. Via UberGizmo

Gadget Stimulus Plan: BlackBerry Pearl 8100

8100_small_sunsetWhen the economy is this bad, the first expenditure put on the back burner is usually technology devices. Here at and, we understand the importance of staying connected while on the go no matter what the circumstance. So as part of the Gadget Stimulus Plan we launched in April, we are offering up a red refurbished Blackberry Pearl 8100. This unlocked phone comes courtesy of Read on for contest entry information:

LaptopMag Pegs HP Mini 110 Best Consumer HP Netbook To Date

hp_mini110_keyboard_sh did a full review of the new Mini 110 and found that HP seems to have addressed some of the issues lacking in the Mini 1000 but not without compromise. The Mini 110 has a VGA port, matte antiglare screen, and three USB ports. But it's slightly thicker and heavier than HP's first consumer netbook.

Microsoft Announces Bing Search Engine

kumo-screen-annotatedMicrosoft will release its new Bing search engine worldwide on June 3rd in an attempt to recapture some of the market share lost to Google. Bing offers a dynamic searching experience with each query having a customized refining of possible matches using an algorithm to offer several categories of search results. Your search results will be organized into different subcategories collectively called Guided Search depending on relevency to your original search terms. One of the things I dislike about the current search engines available is the sheer volume of irrelevent clutter interspersed within the results. Hopefully, Bing's technology will offer a new solution to this problem, which will increase productivity and decrease time spent clicking on links that are otherwise useless to the original search query. TechCrunch has a write-up on first impressions using a pre-release version of Bing.

Dell Releases Studio 14z Geared Towards Students

laptop-studio-14z-design2Dell announced the availability of the Studio 14z notebook aimed at providing students with a highly desirable notebook. Following industry trends, the Studio 14z is the thinnest and lightest Studio notebook to date. It features Intel's latest Core 2 Duo processors, up to 5GB of RAM, 500GB HDD, a 720p or 900p 14"HD screen, and a 6-cell battery (with an 8-cell option). Acknowledging the next generation of students' penchant for media consumption, the 14z also comes with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400 integrated graphics processor that is claimed to outperform many entry-level discrete graphics cards and 4-watt SRS 2.0 integrated speakers with separate tweeters. A 1.3MP webcam is also integrated with dual array microphones. Prices start at $649 and is available for purchase now.

Acer Aspire One AOD250 Reviewed

aceraspireone_d250_4614gAcer updated its Aspire One line with the AOD150 not too long ago and now has just reviewed the updated AOD250 we covered last week. The specs are pretty much standard run of the mill for netbooks but the AOD250 comes in at 0.3 inches thinner and over half a pound lighter than the AOD150. Unfortunately, the only thing that has really changed from the AOD150 to the AOD250 is the physical size and weight of the device. The AOD250 still uses Intel's Atom N270 processor while its competitors have started to switch to the nominally faster N280 processor. Pricing is a definite strong point for the AOD250, starting with a $289 buy-in price for a 3-cell battery unit. 6-cell battery units cost $349 and offers roughly double the battery life (almost 6 hours run time). Check out the review here.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Video Review

dell-inspiron_mini_10_m1Even though the Mini 10 has been out for a while now, it's still a significant contributor in the netbook market. Jason Dunn of Digital Home Thoughts takes a close look at the Mini 10 and runs through what he thinks are the pros and cons. In the end, however, Jason prefers his HP Mini1000. Check out a brief summary of his findings as well as the full 16-minute review after the jump.
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OCZ Announces Summit SSD Available

OCZ has announced a new addition to its SSD lineup with the Summit series. These drives come in 60GB, 120GB, and 250GB capacities. The Summit line boasts impressive read and write times of 220MB/s and 200MB/s respectively for the two larger capacity drives and 220MB/s read and 125MB/s write for the 60GB. Availability is limited, but I did find the 120GB listed at $380 from ecost. Not bad, considering how much performance you can get out of these SSDs these days. For the power conscious folks, the Summit uses a mere 2W at full power and 0.5W idle, which should lend to increased battery life over traditional spinning platters.

Acer Aspire One Updated and Upgraded With Two New Models

acer-aspire-one-ao571h-sapphire-blue-2One of the pioneers in the netbook space, Acer has finally released a replacement to its highly touted Aspire One netbook. With the new AO751h, Acer stuffed a large 1364x768 11.6" screen into the netbook and added a full-sized keyboard, both of which are welcomed improvements over the original's smaller keyboard and 8.9" screen. Even though the AO751h has a larger footprint than the original, it is in fact thinner.

Kingston Releases SSDNow M Series Bundle

ssdnow_m_bundle Kingston Technologies, well known for its digital storage solutions, announced a bundled kit utilizing Intel's X-25M SATA SSDs in 80 and 160GB capacities. The kit includes both a 2.5" external enclosure for use in notebook applications as well as a 3.5" drive bay mounting bracket for use in desktop applications. The Intel X-25M is capable of 250MB/s read and 70MB/s write speeds and is backed by a 3-year warranty with 24/7 tech support.
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HP Voluntarily Recalls 70,000 Faulty Notebook Batteries

HP is issuing a voluntary recall on 70,000 outstanding batteries sold between August 2007 and March 2008 due to potential overheating problems. Reports to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission show there has been two instances of overheated batteries leading to property damage with no bodily injuries. HP notes that these battery issues are in no way related to the previous recalls and will replace the affected batteries at no charge. The batteries in question were sold both as part of the notebook package or as stand-alone replacement batteries for these particular devices: