Joanna Stern Goes Hands-on with MSI X400 and X600

Laptop Mag’s Joanna Stern gets some one on one time with the MSI X-series family and shows us a brief overview of the expanded lineup that includes the X340 we’ve already seen along with the yet to be released X400 and X600. The X400 sports a larger 14″ screen and the X600 displays 16″ of screen real estate. The X-series will all come with Intel’s new ULV Core 2 Solo processors and the X600 will come with an ATI 430 discrete graphics cards.


Expected prices remain south of the $1000 mark for all models. This is a brief excerpt from Joanna’s hands-on encounter:

The x400 is by far the most premium out of the family. With a 14-inch display, as compared to the x340’s 13-inch, the notebook is only slightly larger in comparison. Jazzing up the design a bit, MSI added a silver trim to the edges and around the touchpad and the palm rest has a textured, leather-like covering. As for its insides, the X400 will have the same configuration as the X340 including Intel’s ULV processor, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and Vista Home Premium. Similar to the X340, the X400 should get around 4 hours of battery life with its standard battery.

The X600 is the largest of the group, with a 16-inch display. It has the same chassis as the X340, but its larger display allows for a full size keyboard with a numeric keypad. Unlike the 13 and 14 inch models, the 16 inch version will have ATI 430 discrete graphics with 512MB of video memory. It will have the Intel Core 2 Solo 3500 processor, 2GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive and pack Windows Vista Home Premium. However, the demo unit we saw was running Windows 7.

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