Apple Offers MacBook Bottom Case Replacement Program

Due to an issue affecting the white plastic MacBook model where the bottom plastic cover would separate from the rubber, Apple is offering a case replacement program. The MacBook models being affected are the those that have moved to the unibody plastic design–MacBook Pro and MacBook Air owners are not affected as this program applies only to Apple’s consumer MacBook line–and are sold between October 2009 and April 2011; this bottom case replacement program applies even to models not under warranty.

Currently, users of the affected MacBooks have three options to get their bottom cover fixed. Customers can always visit their Apple retail store or call AppleCare to have an Apple Genius perform the bottom cover swap. A second option if an Apple store is no where near is to visit an Apple authorized service center to have the cover fixed. Still, yet, a third option allows customers to order a self service kit where they can perform the back case replacement themselves. That kit includes the tools (screwdriver) needed to make the repair yourself, a new bottom cover, and instructions.

To see the options, or to order your own self service do it yourself kit for repair at home, you can visit the Apple support page for additional information and learn how to sign up.

The original unibody polycarbonate model was introduced with a huge piece of rubber on the bottom case to prevent the laptop from sliding or slipping on a flat smooth surface. It’s unclear if Apple would refresh the MacBook model soon, but analysts are suggesting that a refresh may come ‘in a matter of months,’ perhaps to move the line to new Intel Core processors. The current case design of the MacBook lineup has been around for about a year and a half now.

The replacement program will be opened to customers worldwide for two years, though it doesn’t extend your warranty any further.

Via: AppleInsider

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