Acer Aspire One Updated and Upgraded With Two New Models

One of the pioneers in the netbook space, Acer has finally released a replacement to its highly touted Aspire One netbook. With the new AO751h, Acer stuffed a large 1364×768 11.6″ screen into the netbook and added a full-sized keyboard, both of which are welcomed improvements over the original’s smaller keyboard and 8.9″ screen. Even though the AO751h has a larger footprint than the original, it is in fact thinner. Alongside the AO751, Acer announced the AOD250, which offers a 10.1″ screen and weighs in at a scant 2.44lbs. Both netbooks offer 6-cell batteries for the road warriors among us who need the extra run time. The standard 1GB RAM and 160GB hard drive running Windows XP is also included. Interestingly, the AO751h comes with two processor choices, either a run-of-the-mill Atom N270 processor or a 1.22GHz Atom Z520 processor. The AOD250 only comes with the N270. Check out a more in depth look at Acer’s netbooks at


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