iolo technologies Reclaims Speed of Cluttered Computers

For most people, a computer that is constantly lagging, freezing, crashing, or otherwise performing poorly is due cause for drastic measures. Sometimes, computers only a few years old are simply replaced when they start acting up. Other times, said computer is brought to a specialist and the consumer is charged a hefty premium in order to address the issues at hand. For small businesses with multiple computers and multiple users per computer, it is even more frustrating and more expensive when the computers start to misbehave, often time leading to a decrease in productivity.

iolo technologies, famous for their PC-tune up software, has unveiled their latest creation, System Mechanic, for the small business owner. With System Mechanic, computers are properly tuned to optimal operating parameters quietly as a background process. The software restores all proper settings, removes unwanted and unneeded files, and defragments the hard drive so software programs can be accessed and executed faster.

Pricing is a major advantage of using System Mechanic. System Mechanic Small Business Edition will retail for: $99.95 for a 10 PC license, $199.95 for up to 25 PCs, $349.95 for up to 50 PCs, $499.95 for up to 75 PCs and $629.95 for up to 100 PCs, providing small and medium businesses with significant savings over the version geared to individual consumers.

iolo technologies estimates that any computer built after 2000 can run most business-class software with little to no problem.

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