$5,000 iPhone Bill

iphone_bill1.jpg One iPhone user racked up a $5,000 bill while using the iPhone’s Internet applications in England. He’s pretty upset that AT&T charged him 2 cents per KB and thinks his $20 per month “unlimited” data charge should cover this.

This is a reminder to make sure you check your carrier’s roaming policy before roaming abroad and avoid your data plan unless you’re ready to pay some serious cash.

Adam Aronson wrote:

I finally got my first online bill from AT&T yesterday and it came to $5,086.66!!

After a near heart attack I called AT&T to find out what had happened….

Well as you may have guessed by now these are all charges for using the edge network while roaming internationally (in England). No phone calls mind you just data. According to AT&T that’s at a rate of $2cents per K!….
That’s like charging you $2cents per molecule of gas for you car!

Those prices are certainl off the charts. One line on the bill shows a $103.92 charge for 5329KB of data transdfer alone. If you’re worried about racking up International data roaming fees you should do one of the following things.

1) Switch of the radios in your iPhone or Smartphone. The iPhone’s “airplane mode” shuts off the phone and Internet functions, but lets users access the iPod, calendar, photos, contacts and other applications.



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