Exchanged My iPhone…

iPhone ReviewI picked up my iPhone Friday night and had a lot of trouble with it freezing up under what I consider light to medium usage. Late Friday night it froze just after setting it up. Yesterday it froze while browsing the web and switching from watching a Podcast to the home screen.

Today my iPhone seized up while I was trying to answer a call. I decided to bring it by the Apple store to see if a Genius could work on it and it happened to freeze up while I was trying to unlock it. One of the Apple Store employees assured me they would take care of it as soon as they figured out the proper protocol. Apparently things are evolving by the hour as Apple and AT&T iron out how to best handle certain issues on the fly.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, a manager and a Genius had everything worked out. They used a paperclip to eject the SIM card from my old iPhone and installed it in the new iPhone.

Once I plugged the new iPhone into my notebook, iTunes launched and a message asked if I’d like to restore my old iPhone’s settings onto the new one. I clicked ‘OK’ and the new iPhone was activated. Much less painful than I’d expected.

Paying $600 and having to deal with this kind of thing is definitely frustrating, but the customer support in the SF store is excellent. Very impressive considering what those guys have gone through over the past few days. Hopefully my new iPhone will work as it should.

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