Apple Updates MacBook to Core 2 Duo

Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo

Appleâ€â„¢s added Core 2 Duo processors to its consumer notebooks. The 13-inch MacBooks are available in three trims including a white 1.8GHz model with 512MB memory and 60GB hard drive ($1,099), a white 2 GHz model with 1GB of memory and 80GB hard drive ($1,299), and a black model with 1GB of memory and and 120GB memory ($1,499). Both the black and white 2 GHz models have double the memory compared to the previous generation MacBooks and come with a 6x dual layer DVD burner.

MacBooks come standard with built in iSight camera, Airport Extreme wireless card, Bluetooth 2, media remote and MagSafe power adapter. All three models can be upped to 2GB of memory and a 200GB hard drive.

Apple claims the Core 2 Duo processors make the new MacBooks up to 25 percent faster than yesterdayâ€â„¢s Core Dup powered MacBooks. But a recent reports question Appleâ€â„¢s claims of dramatic speed differences in MacBook Pro models that recently received a Core 2 Duo update. While Apple claims a 39% speed increase on its Core 2 Duo powered MacBook Pro, Macworld says 10% is more like it.

âہMacBook has helped drive Appleâ€â„¢s notebook market share to over 10 percent in US retail, and the new MacBooks will be among this holiday seasonâ€â„¢s most exciting new products,â€ÂÃƒâ€šÃ‚ said Apple Senior Vice President Philip Schiller.

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