WWDC Rumors Roundup

We all know that Apple is expected to announce the latest iPhone at the WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) starting June 7th, but that’s not the only WWDC rumor swirling around the Internet!

Here are some of the most notable rumors besides new phone hardware.


  1. Microsoft is going to bring Bing to the iPhone. It was even reported that Steve Ballmer would be on hand to help announce it. Microsoft PR shot Ballmer’s appearance down via Twitter, but that doesn’t mean there’s no announcement. With the Apple bashing at Google’s I/O conferences it seems plausible that Apple might kick Google to curb in favor of Bing. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  2. Apple TV will be getting a big update. It will have a price drop to $99 and it will run iPhone OS 4 instead of its current system. That would be pretty sweet, especially if they found a way to control and play games on the thing, maybe via an iPhone or iPod Touch app?
  3. Verizon will be getting the iPhone in September. This seems like the most dubious of them all. It pops up more as wishful thinking during the weeks before every major Apple event.
  4. Sprint will be getting the iPhone this summer. Why not? Maybe there’s going to be one for T-Mobile too. If other major carriers existed in the US there would be rumors about them getting in on the iPhone action this summer as well.
  5. iTunes.com, which will utilize technology from Lala.com, will be an Internet based music store. The parts are in place. Should we even get our hopes up that the resource-hogging, slow software that is iTunes for Windows might come to an end? Most likely, if this one is true it still won’t replace syncing via the desktop/notebook version of iTunes.
  6. New Mac Pro Desktops are coming. Want a Mac Pro with 2 12-core Intel Xeon processors? You may be in luck, at least according to this WWDC rumor.
  7. And there might be a refresh of the MacBook Air with either an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor and 4 GB of RAM standard.
  8. Apple will be starting a dating service for Geeks who love their products. A new app, AppleLovr, will be installed by default and help you find potential Apple toting dates using your current location! This one is being started by me. So spread the word. Proof? Who needs proof these days for an Apple rumor?

Which do you think might come true? Which are just a dream, but you wish would come true?


  • Josh Smith says:

    Can I have iPhone on Verizon for $600 Alex?

  • Minguswaits says:

    The only things I care about are the new iPhone and OS. The AppleTV price drop seems like a good idea. That thing has never really found its niche, and with GoogleTV looming its time they did find one.

    iPhone on other carriers would be nice, but I doubt it. Too hard to make the switch to CDMA, and GSM is way too convenient (talk and browse). I don't see this until 4G

    Bing on the iPhone? How is that going to work with the maps feature? Are they just going to remove that altogether as well or use Bing Maps? That's a whole lot of sacrifice to Microsoft just to spite Google.

    A streamlined iTunes would definitely be welcome, though for those of us with huge personal collections, I don't see how they would make much of a change. There are are already radio stations associated with iTunes. Does anyone really use them? Making a Pandora/Slacker type interface with iTunes may be good, but it would cut into sales. Besides, it would mean that Apple would have to give you something that YOU want, not what THEY want you to want.

    MacBook Air. I priced a PC version of this, same RAM, Processor, Weight (.2lbs heavier), Display and was able to come in almost $600 less. I don't get the benefit. Cut the price Jobs and I may consider it.

    MacBook Pros with 2 12 core Xeon Processors? Now we are talking. I'll believe it when I see it.

    I may seem skeptical, but I moved one of my final exams so I could listen to/follow the WWDC keynote live.

  • Karen says:

    You're a bit late on the AppleLovr idea. There's already an app for that called Cupidtino; the site and app is being launched at the conference.
    Nice try, though.

  • Afghanastan, Suck As says:

    Again, very tasty fresh. Spicey…Such as, Such as…

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