Storm Chasers Use ThinkPads, Trucks Full of Mobile Tech

Lenovo's providing ThinkPads, IdeaPads and desktops to the non-profit Center for Severe Weather Research. They're using mobile Doppler radars, trucks full of Lenovo computers and a lot of brain power to improve how scientists predict tornadoes and other severe weather phenomenon.

ThinkPads Get Tough, Meet Mil-Spec Standards

Lenovo's designated eight ThinkPads for use in semi-rugged computing environments such as construction sites and police vehicles. Eight ThinkPads meet military specification (MIL-SPEC) standards, which mean they can stand up to vibrations, extreme temperatures, dust and other hazards. Lenovo's now offering an optional 680-nit display for the ThinkPad T400 to improve viewability in outdoor applications.

CES 2009: Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds (video)

w700dsLenovo's ThinkPad W700ds is the world's first workstation to have dual displays. Tom Ribble, director of ThinkPad marketing, explains the benefits of dual displays.

ThinkPad W700ds: Workstation with Dual-Displays

w700ds_18Lenovo's officially announcing the ThinkPad W700ds workstation today and I look forward to spending some time with one at CES this week. The ThinkPad W700ds has a primary 17-inch display and a 10.6-inch display that pops out to the right to provide extra work space for power users like engineers and video editors.
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All ThinkPad SL, T and X Series Notebooks Get 3G

All Lenovo ThinkPad SL, T and X series notebooks will now come standard with an embedded 3G card to connect to AT&T mobile broadband network. The internal 3G card was previously an option on these ThnkPads and cost up to $150.
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ThinkPad X200s and X200t Announced

Lenovo's introduced the ThinkPad X200s, a lightweight business notebook for business travelers and the X200t,the first widescreen ThinkPad tablet. Tom Ribble, the director of worldwide ThinkPad marketing, called me this morning to talk about the latest additions to the ThinkPad family.
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ThinkPad T61p, Lenovo’s Most Powerful Notebook Launched

T61 ThinkPad Lenovo Lenovo is now selling the T61p, a workstation version of its popular T61 series notebook. The T61p, a 15.4-inch widescreen ThinkPad, is Lenovo's most powerful notebook and to date, yet runs cooler, quieter and more energy efficient than previous models. The new ThinkPad series features the latest Centrino Pro processors, NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics and an optional Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless card to connect to wireless printers, cameras and other devices.
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ThinkPad Reserve Edition Details

ThinkPad Reserve EditionLenovo's finally giving full details on the ThinkPad Reserve Edition notebook, a X61s ThinkPad clad in premium handcrafted leather. The ThinkPad Reserve Edition is available in limited quantities and by invitation only for $5,000. This notebook comes with executive-level service and support.
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ThinkPad vs. Motorcycle

ThinkPad roll cage MotorcycleLenovo's new ThinkPads feature dual roll-cages for added protection from drops and falls. This video shows how a ThinkPad R61 stands up to a motorcycle being driven over it.
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ThinkPads Sit Courtside at NBA Finals

X60 Stats NBAAs the Cavaliers and Spurs tip off in the NBA Championships, the last thing on most people’s minds are computers. But behind the scenes, the NBA uses a slew of technology to provide fans and media with accurate real-time statistics and ensure fairness.
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ThinkPad Reserve Notebook Preview

ThinkPad Reserve NotebookThe folks over at Lenovo are teasing us with something they're calling 'ThinkPad Reserve.' Is it possible they're getting ready to launch something a little more fashionable than basic black? It appears so, as a Lenovo web page touts craftsmanship and has several images of leather being sewn.
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ThinkPad X61 Notebook and Tablet Refresh

ThinkPad X60Lenovo's getting ready to give the X60 notebook and X60 tablet some Santa Rosa love. According to some internal docs, the new X61 models will run on Intel Core 2 Duo processors, Intel GMA X3100 graphics and have draft 802.11n wireless connectivity.